Anuradha has over 22 years’ experience in FMCG, leading some of Unilever’s flagship brands including Dove and Lipton. Anuradha has held senior management roles in Europe with prior experience in US, Latin America, Turkey & India.

Since 2017, she has been leading Ben & Jerry’s Europe – the values driven ice cream company that aims to use its business operations and voice to advocate for social justice and enlist their fans to join social movements. Doing this, Ben & Jerry’s have built one of the most successful ice cream companies ever and supported action on some of the major social justice issues of our time.

Anuradha firmly believes that businesses can - and should - tackle climate change and address inequality. She is passionate about innovation and not afraid to step out of her comfort zone to drive change. Guided by her personal purpose – to be a beacon that helps navigate storms – Anuradha enjoys challenges where she can provide vision and guide the business through significant disruption.