Lewis is a social designer interested in combining both a systems and human-centric approach to explore complex social issues and create positive change in the world. His practise focuses on sustainability in the widest sense of the word, whether economic, environmental or social.

With over 10 years of innovation experience, he believes that design can not only show us what a better future looks like, but it can also enable people and communities to take steps towards that future.

Lewis has worked with businesses, NGOs and governments to reimagine more positive ways of living where people, planet and profit are balanced. This has given him the opportunity to lead design-thinking workshops around the world both in more rural communities like in Aruba and Indonesia to a number of blue chip companies based in Brazil, Japan and London.

Now an entrepreneur, Lewis is the co-founder of the ECO coin, a currency earned through sustainable actions. He is driven and passionate about finding ways to rebalance our economy and our ecology.